Project Short-Term Joint Staff Training on green entrepreneurship

 Within the scope of the project a training action was held between the 11th and 15th of April in Hague, Netherlands.

In this learning event, it was possible to train two youth educators and/or youth trainers from each partner organization on two topics that summarize the results of the project itself, namely:

The Green Toolkit, called “Be the Climate Change Ambassador” available through the website and via link:

And, an open course offered through virtual learning environment consisting of 5 units/modules called “Build Your Green Future” and which is also available on the project website through the following link:

The feedback obtained by the participants was positive and rewarding as its contents were considered of quality and adequate to the profile of their day-to-day work, therefore considered practical and useful being available free of charge 24x7 days a week.

These and other news will be released in due course to the entire community and can be consulted through the project's social channels:



Third Transnational Meeting

In this third meeting, the partners reviewed the final version of the first intellectual production: Toolkit - “Be the Climate Change Ambassador”, which consists of providing practical digital tools for green entrepreneurship education, through a flipbook; and also an online game that aims to mobilize young people to fight the climate crisis.

The structure for the experimentation phase that should be carried out by each partner, in their country, in order to obtain feedback on the tools made available, was also discussed.

The steps for the second intellectual production were also realigned, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Build your Green Future”, which will provide a form of practical education and the possibility of education and training for young people and their educators who wish to learn more about the green entrepreneurship.

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